Tödlicher Terror im Westjordanland

Nach den neuen tödlichen Anschlägen in Kiryat Arba und südlich von Hebron kündigte Israels Regie-rungschef Benjamin Netanyahu harte Maßnahmen gegen den Terror an. Dazu gehört der Entzug der Arbeitsgenehmigungen für die Bürger der Kleinstadt Bani Naim, aus der mehrere Attentäter stammten. Die Armee soll zudem mit zwei weiteren Brigaden im Westjordanland gestärkt werden. Ein 13jähriges Mädchen aus Kiryat Arba war im Schlaf erstochen worden. Bei dem zweiten Überfall war ein Mann vor den Augen seiner Kinder im Auto erschossen wor-den. Seit Beginn der aktuellen Terrorwelle sind 35 Israelis getötet worden. Auf palästinensischer Seite starben über 220 Menschen zumeist bei ihren eige-nen Anschlägen.

Quelle: Schlaglicht Israel Nr. 13/16 , Aktuelles aus israelischen Tageszeitungen, 1.-15. Juli

Hebron hotbed

(…) Hallel Yaffa Ariel, 13, was stabbed to death in her bedroom in Kiryat Arba. The killer, Muhammad Tarayrah, was motivated by a nihilistic strain of Islam. (…) It is no secret that the Hebron area is a hotbed of terrorism. Hebron has become the „terror-ist capital“ of the West Bank. (…) Our leadership has allowed Hebron’s terrorist cancer to fester for too long. Efforts must be focused on fighting this plague while avoiding getting dragged into a pro-longed military conflagration in either the West Bank or the Gaza Strip. Israel, like Turkey, the EU, Ameri-ca and other countries around the world is fighting a long war with a distorted and toxic form of Islam. The Hebron hotbed is part of a much broader phe-nomenon that shows no sign of disappearing any time soon. (…)

Editorial, JPO, 03.07.16

Cry out, world!

Cry out, world! A girl is now wrapped in a blanket for eternity. The kids‘ room is awash in blood. (…) Wake up, world! Hallel was sleeping, and she died. The people who slit the throats of girls in pajamas don’t stop in Kiryat Arba; they don’t stop at the Green Line; and not in Israel. Kiryat Arba stretches from Sarona to Orlando. Cry out, world, over this beautiful, innocent child. You must cry out. (…) Since the riots of 1921, in one continual intifada that will soon turn 100, we have seen the blood of our sons, our wives, our elders and our babies. (…) What has the Arab enemy been doing? Increasing the hatred and death, sending yet another 17-year-old to slash a girl’s arteries with a knife. People are born good, all of them. Culture is what leads a per-son to be worse than an animal. (…)

Emily Amrousi, IHY, 01.07.16

Moral equivalence has become a moral atrocity

We have reached the point where moral equiva-lence has become a moral atrocity. The smart set in the West has insisted for over a generation that Israel and the Palestinians are morally equal. (…) the Palestinians (…) do not want to build a state. They have spent the money to transform Palestinian


society into the most anti-Semitic society in the world where the vast majority of its people want to kill Jews and destroy Israel. (…) „Cycle of violence,“ means that there is no moral distinction between a murderer and a policeman, between a society geared toward annihilating its victim and its victim’s actions to prevent that from happening. (…) Thurs-day morning, a hate-drenched, demonic Palestinian murderer took a knife and (…) broke into the Ariel family’s home. He walked into their children’s bed-room. He found 13 year old Hallel Yaffa asleep in her bed. He stabbed her repeatedly. When there was no place left to stab her in her face and chest, he turned her over and continued stabbing her in the back. (…) The Palestinian media celebrated their crimes. (…) The Ariels live off of their vineyard and the wine they produce. (…) A quiet family of pro-found faith, the Ariels were just going about their quiet lives, raising their daughters, tending to their vines when the evil beyond their gate entered their home and struck. That is the difference between the two sides. One wishes to tend his vineyard. The other wishes to destroy it. It is black and white. It is a clear distinction. The international community’s pernicious refusal to recognize this basic fact, after so many years, is a major reason that there is no peace, and there is so much bloodshed

Caroline B. Glick, JPO, 04.07.16

With every terror attack must come new con-struction

When speaking of „war on terrorism“ or „eradicating terrorism,“ the question arises: Is „terrorism“ the enemy, rather than those who commit it? Is the war against „terrorism,“ as if it was a separate entity, independent of the conflicts it serves? (…) Terror is a weapon used to instill fear and panic, to under-mine morale and to disrupt public order. (…) Those who talk solely about „terrorism“ while blurring the reasons behind it and the target in front of it, do not do so by accident. (…) Even if terrorism is compara-ble to a disease, so long as there is no desire to reach its origins, police and military methods such as the closure and encirclement of a village, demoli-tions and deportations, are little more than a band aid on a gunshot wound. (…) why is it that what works for the Arabs does not also apply to the Jews? If demolishing settlements encourages terror-ists, could the very opposite—strengthening the settlement enterprise—not decrease their motivation to carry out more attacks? Provided that it is done systematically, so they know that for every terror-ist—a home, a street, or a neighborhood will be built in a settlement. „Hill 18“ stands in Kiryat Arba, near to where Hallel Yaffa Ariel was murdered. (…) im-mediate construction (…) will strike the murderous motivation of the terrorists. (…) Only the building of Jewish homes will provide the strategic answer and the political answer to terrorism.

Elyakim Haetzni, JED, 10.07.16


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